Why is the question I get a lot about our upcoming 9 month trip to Europe. To be honest I don’t really have a great amazing answer. I just say why not. I have been in Clovis all of my life, except for 8 years going to school, and this town has not changed much. The school district is amazing, the sports are hard core, the education is top notch, we are close to amazing California hot spots, so leaving for me was never an option. I felt comfortable and happy.  We were doing all of things Clovis people do and I felt…. BORED!!!!

After a lot of talk with my husband Robert, friends on our runs, and deep prayer we thought lets do it. Let’s take our kids out of our comfort zone and have a family adventure.  My husband Robert, myself along with our 4 children, Clayton, 13, Ella, 11, Cade,  9, and Ryder, 7, will set out to Europe for 9 months.

imageAs of now we have 5 months planned and booked. We will start our journey in Madrid, Spain, for 1 month, then to Barcelona for 1 month, Nice, France for 2 weeks and the Paris for 2 weeks. We will hop on a plane and head to Split, Croatia for 1 month then Dubrovnik, Croatia for 1 month.

The planning, packing and cleaning out of my house has and will be a process! I have been cleaning, selling, donating, packing and trashing stuff in my house. The goal is to pack for 9 months and only bring 6 suitcases.  We are excited for this trip and I hope to post a lot so you can follow us on our JOURNEY!!