With some hesitation I celebrated my 36th birthday,(like I had a choice). As I was pondering on the AGE I turned I have finally realized it is just a number and I am only as old as I feel. To be honest I feel GREAT!!! I have a loving family who I adore and cherish. We are beyond blessed and we are about to embark on a JOURNEY of a lifetime in 2 1/2 weeks. What more can I ask for?? Well maybe a few more lulu crops, you can never have enough… Am I right????

I wanted to do something memorable this birthday since we are leaving on this trip and then moving to Texas shortly after. Clovis has always been home to us, besides 8 years of college life, and I have made some amazing friends!! Soooo this birthday, which always lands on FREE SLURPEE DAY at 7eleven, I wanted 36 SLURPEE shout outs for my 36th birthday. Well the posts and shout outs came and I was extremely touched and amazed by my sweet friends. I ended up with over 40 posts from friends during all periods of my life. Family, high school friends, college friends, church friends and best friends. I LOVED EVERY POST!!!

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Getting older isn’t easy but to be sad or angry is being ungrateful. I love my family and friends and I have loved my SLURPEE BIRTHDAY!!!