As we are about to embark on our 9 month journey we have been bombarded with concern and questions…. Are you still going? Are you going to Nice? The refugees hate westerners. Are you scared? Maybe you should stay home, French hate Americans, are you afraid of Isis? What are you doing with your boat?

Ok the last one is just funny (it is going in storage) but in all seriousness YES we are still going and NO I am not afraid. We are so excited about this trip and though we need to be smart and cautious, I am not going to let the evil that people have in their hearts destroy the opportunity we have to engulf our lives in European culture.

We will be in Nice, France in October and that has not changed. It is a beautiful city and we are looking forward to being there. The tragedy that this city has encountered is horrific and no family should have to face that kind of anguish. We want to be in Nice and enjoy all of the things this amazing town has to offer.

Robert and myself went for a run and we were talking about how people plan for the future and are so concerned for the future we forget to live in the moment. I hope to enjoy every second we have with our family in Europe, and not worry about what could happen or what the future holds. image